Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really


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  • Chelsey Leigh
    Chelsey Leigh  12 minutes back

    You should prime the crocs before hand with paint or by sanding them down, then dip them. Use paint that is intended for outdoor plastic furni.

    • Sonny Gomes
      Sonny Gomes  29 minutes back

      Why is nobody talking about the intro?

      • Nina Ravbar
        Nina Ravbar  29 minutes back

        Why don't you just draw on them

        • Elena Koshkarov
          Elena Koshkarov  30 minutes back

          Can you do another vegan Thanksgiving video??? I need ideas for my first vegan Thanksgiving 😊 i also dmed you on Instagram but you probably didn't see it

          • ceerw buty
            ceerw buty  53 minutes back

            I love how she just shows up with a cut eyebrow

            • Psych O'Chaos
              Psych O'Chaos  1 hours back

              julien is me when im high anxiety and people keep trying to talk to me or do something that we both know needs not be done lmao i honestly felt the anxiety

              • Mette
                Mette  1 hours back

                The only croc videos I'll watch.... and maybe wear

                • taniesha Bandtock
                  taniesha Bandtock  1 hours back

                  did jenna order that rug off of the sims 4 or am i just tripping balls?

                  • ceerw buty
                    ceerw buty  52 minutes back

                    Jenna doing the Asian Squat.

                • Capturingsol
                  Capturingsol  2 hours back

                  Maybe if you do another set, try to sand them a bit first with sandpaper so you can get the colors to really embed in more

                  • Emma S
                    Emma S  2 hours back

                    i needed this wholesome jenna julien art project energy

                    • Flora Hime
                      Flora Hime  2 hours back

                      I can help you!
                      Jenna I watch a ton of squishy Makeover videos by Moriah Elizabeth, she basically paints and re-paints all kind of stuff.
                      Usually if the paint flakes off -> she sands them with sandpaper before painting.

                      This is I am certain the reason your paint doesn't stick, it's because the Crocks Surface is smooth so the paint can't stick on it.
                      BUT if you use sandpaper and rub them with it, the surface becomes a little tough and then the paint sticks.
                      Same is done when painting Dolls. I watch a lot of weird videos, but yours are my favourite! I hope this helps pls try it!

                      • n o r i.
                        n o r i.  2 hours back

                        JENNA !!!! USE A SEALANT!!!!!!!!

                        • HeyItsJess
                          HeyItsJess  2 hours back

                          I think you need to put on a finishing varnish to seal in your amazing masterpiece.

                          • Jaime Horn
                            Jaime Horn  3 hours back

                            10:00 for Jenna referencing Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

                            • M S
                              M S  3 hours back

                              Can you do some sort of special effects makeup where you glue a bunch of cheerios to your face? I think it would weird and creepy

                              • Jasus Crust
                                Jasus Crust  3 hours back

                                Bruh what if you sprayed all the molding in a room glow in the dark imagine that living room, im a lil tipsy please do not consider this real please do not consider me. please.

                                • Gianna Sofia
                                  Gianna Sofia  3 hours back

                                  “Why are you crying we’re just in here looking at my crocks”

                                  • Eunice Jung
                                    Eunice Jung  4 hours back


                                    • TJ Anarchy
                                      TJ Anarchy  4 hours back

                                      you should do an entire glow in the dark outfit xx

                                      • Chantelle Voss
                                        Chantelle Voss  4 hours back

                                        Callab with crocs for glow in the dark crocs

                                        • Abagayle Miller
                                          Abagayle Miller  5 hours back

                                          0:43 Kermit😂

                                          • Rikki_Love
                                            Rikki_Love  5 hours back

                                            I got light headed just watching this lmao

                                            • Stephie K.
                                              Stephie K.  5 hours back

                                              Jenna doing the Asian Squat.

                                              • Alex Dolezal
                                                Alex Dolezal  5 hours back

                                                I just want to see Jenna make a candle making video

                                                • Amber Jamison
                                                  Amber Jamison  5 hours back

                                                  JENNA CAN YOU RECORD A REACTING TO ALL OF THE THREE LOOKS TIK TOKS GOING AROUND? get this to the top so she can see!!!

                                                  • Jayme Stark
                                                    Jayme Stark  5 hours back

                                                    A re-redemption video but this time you make the shoes for Julian

                                                    • Jarred
                                                      Jarred  5 hours back

                                                      I’m gonna need you to hydro dip anything and everything glow in the dark.

                                                      • Candace Nelson
                                                        Candace Nelson  6 hours back

                                                        spray paint your picture frames!!!

                                                        • Teresa Chueh
                                                          Teresa Chueh  6 hours back

                                                          Jenna cry reminds me of Kermit cry xD

                                                          • Hooman
                                                            Hooman  6 hours back

                                                            Am I the only one who wants Jenna to be there mom

                                                            • Ashley Tringali
                                                              Ashley Tringali  6 hours back

                                                              can you please do a vide titled: Calculating my Pets' HP? I found this hilarious and well-thought out model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Jcxc-ddWKI

                                                              • Anaïs Jevtitch
                                                                Anaïs Jevtitch  6 hours back

                                                                real talk jenna's eyebrows kinda snapped in this video

                                                                • Katarina štrekelj
                                                                  Katarina štrekelj  6 hours back

                                                                  I just found out about chemical skin peal :D you can do it at home, check it out. It seemed like a thing you would do... 😅 thank you for brightening up my days

                                                                  • Hastings Munsey
                                                                    Hastings Munsey  7 hours back

                                                                    HEY LOVE YOU PLEASE CHECK OUT THE MOOD RING NAILS

                                                                    • buggirl3216
                                                                      buggirl3216  7 hours back

                                                                      You need to see these. Lol https://youtu.be/FoSvHBcqCiE

                                                                      • Michelle Ramer
                                                                        Michelle Ramer  7 hours back

                                                                        Next video Jenna covers herself in highlighter marker and turns on a black light because she wants to Glow!.... And I fully expect there to be a song about wanting to glow at the beginning of the video 😂

                                                                        • Jos Chavez
                                                                          Jos Chavez  7 hours back

                                                                          Make yourself glow in the dark next video!!! 😂😂😂

                                                                          • Chloe Grace
                                                                            Chloe Grace  7 hours back

                                                                            You need to get something to seal in the paint

                                                                            • Clint Simcoe
                                                                              Clint Simcoe  7 hours back

                                                                              you are the glow in the dark spray paint of my life.

                                                                              • you know
                                                                                you know  7 hours back

                                                                                Glow up

                                                                                • Viktoria Teichman
                                                                                  Viktoria Teichman  7 hours back

                                                                                  *Marko Terzo has left the chat*

                                                                                  • Rachel Antidormi
                                                                                    Rachel Antidormi  8 hours back

                                                                                    can u please put extensions in julien’s beard

                                                                                    • Katie Bevilacqua
                                                                                      Katie Bevilacqua  8 hours back

                                                                                      Jenna PLEASE make another reviewing bad apps video PLEASE okay i love you goodnight

                                                                                      • Ben calderon
                                                                                        Ben calderon  8 hours back

                                                                                        You have to wipe them down with acetone first 🙂

                                                                                        • Gabby McLachlan
                                                                                          Gabby McLachlan  8 hours back

                                                                                          Jenna could low-key sell those on Ebay and make bank

                                                                                          • artcutie1995
                                                                                            artcutie1995  8 hours back

                                                                                            Maybe if you’d sanded the outside of the crocs the paint would’ve stuck better?

                                                                                            • Lillian Reeves
                                                                                              Lillian Reeves  8 hours back

                                                                                              Sanding them a little bit should help the paint stick

                                                                                              • lover boy
                                                                                                lover boy  8 hours back

                                                                                                Jenna’s so unproblematic and wholesome. She’s just chillin tryna hydrodip crocs and force her boyfriend to make her ice cream.