Farm Communities Come Together

  • Published: 31 October 2019
  • Farm Community Comes Together to help out one of our own. 60 years ago our neighbor Norm was there to help finish our harvest when my grandpa fell ill with cancer. 60 years later our community was able to return the favor. Highlight of my career, it's just what farming communities do. #payitforward

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    Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
    With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.

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Comments • 1 423

  • Nathan Melander
    Nathan Melander  1 months back

    In 1998 my grandpa passed away everyone came over had 5 combines going got the the beans done in one day it was so great to see it I was in college that day but we took pictures

    • Larry Sutton
      Larry Sutton  1 months back

      Helping neighbors in need is what a good neighbor should do but unfortunately in this day and age it is getting to be a rare thing so I applaud you and everyone else who does take the time to help out and keep our values going in the right direction 👍

    • Jack Fox
      Jack Fox  1 months back

      My dad finish beans 2 weeks ago

    • uncle matts farm
      uncle matts farm  1 months back

      Class act love it

    • John Redcornholio
      John Redcornholio  1 months back

      They say the oldest profffesion in SOCIETY is prostitution...

      But OBVIOUSLY farming and agricultur proves all those ancient was hookers were wrong!!

    • Kohala Iron Works
      Kohala Iron Works  1 months back

      Sorry for your loss..just lost my Daddy about 4 weeks ago. But all your neighbors jumping in & bringing in the harvest??? That is goosebump stuff!!! I would be crying & harvesting till it's all done!!! I don't know how to operate a combine, but semi belly dumps are 1 of my specialties. I'd have a 5gallon bucket full of tear & snot soaked shop rags. Although I got bigger arms than Legarms (LOL) I really sensitive...especially where Parents & Grandparents are concered. Thank God for good neighbors !!!!

  • Daniel
    Daniel  1 days back

    Farming Simulator 19 in real life

    • Michael Roberts
      Michael Roberts  2 days back

      I think it's cool that I use the same seeder in the fs19 as you use on your farm. Maybe one day I'll own my own farm like you..

      • Maine Man
        Maine Man  1 weeks back

        Having tracks in the north where the temperature gets below freezing and the earth is muddy is a real pain. It is better to have big floatation tires. Tires require no cleaning and there are less parts that can break.

        • Jean Sutton
          Jean Sutton  2 weeks back

          My opinion is definitely do the tillage

          • Richard Anderson
            Richard Anderson  2 weeks back

            There are so many factors that go into tilling I don't know how anyone that isn't looking at a given field can have an opinion.  We do winter wheat and don't have to till.  Of course we plant in October when the ground is warm and not an issue. If we went with a spring crop planting it would be a whole other issue.  If we waited for the ground to warm up the growing season would be too short for many strains.  Tilling exposes considerably more surface area to gather the sun's warm (and dry up some), giving at least two more weeks of growing season.  For soil health it obviously would be better not to till....and would be better yet to plant native grasses and quit farming.  However every member of the human race I've met likes to eat and that requires farming....and farming involves balancing a lot of factors including if, when and how to till.

          • Lindsay B.
            Lindsay B.  3 weeks back

            When my dad passed August of 2007 our friends and some we didn’t know had our crops out in one weekend . It was amazing and emotional to see. My uncle is a farmer and he just passed a few days ago . We have had so many phone calls asking if we had any fields left to harvest but luckily we got the last of it out a week ago. This community is amazing

            • Scott Bowyer
              Scott Bowyer  3 weeks back

              We had the same thing in the fall of 18. I went to school with the the son and daughter of the deceased, family friends forever it was so bitter sweet and we got er done.

              • maccoman71852
                maccoman71852  3 weeks back

                I'm not a farmer , however, we till the garden b4 during and after use.
                Now, we add manure during growth and our "yield" is just fine.
                Madders are different then beans

                • Ron Hunter
                  Ron Hunter  3 weeks back

                  Tillage.....get after it, turn it over. Be safe.

                  • Quadrille
                    Quadrille  3 weeks back

                    Excellent awesome good stuff. Positive attitude. The world needs more of this

                    • 0337 Teich
                      0337 Teich  3 weeks back

                      I believe that’s something we should all work on helping out others, just sad that usually someone has to die before it happens

                      • Charles Holmes
                        Charles Holmes  4 weeks back

                        Reminds me of a similar situation that happened to a friend of mines family here in Kentucky. Best video I have seen of your vast collection

                        • MarkE
                          MarkE  4 weeks back

                          Awesome job!

                          • Richard M
                            Richard M  4 weeks back

                            Family helping others family that what make this country great

                            • Lane Loftis
                              Lane Loftis  4 weeks back

                              Amen. I love farming

                              • Gerald Harbin
                                Gerald Harbin  4 weeks back

                                I believe in tilley

                                • HartleyYT c
                                  HartleyYT c  4 weeks back

                                  I live in austrailia you have good crop we had terrible crop weg got 65 bags in a 120 acer paddeck

                                  • dawson ws
                                    dawson ws  4 weeks back

                                    Till is good

                                    • Mike Muniak
                                      Mike Muniak  4 weeks back

                                      How big is that shop ,i want one lol

                                      • Dug Remeriz
                                        Dug Remeriz  4 weeks back

                                        I like tilling it makes it easier to plant in the spring if we’re lucky

                                        • randy g
                                          randy g  4 weeks back

                                          I recall back in the mid-50’s, a neighbor got sick and about 30 or 40 neighbors, including my dad, got together to plow his wheat stubble for summer fallow. They brought what they had, 3 to 5 bottom plows with levers and rope trips, and tractors with no cabs and no hydraulics. The ladies got together and fixed dinner (lunch). Fast forward 20 or so years, and I had taken a leave from my career to help my dad, who was ill. A neighbor was very ill and 2 neighbors organized the area to help. This time it was disking the wheat stubble for summer fallow. The appointed day came and everyone was supposed to be there at 8am. This was an extremely flat area and tractors and discs were coming from every point of the compass. It was quite a sight. They again brought what they had, old and new, small and four- wheel drive, with discs from 16’ to 50’. There were 52 tractors. As they arrived, the organizers put three into a field, and by noon, over 1500 acres had been done. The ladies had fixed dinner, and the farmer’s family had a bulk truck come out and fueled everyone while we were eating. One of the organizer’s teenage sons had been killed in a car wreck a week earlier, and everybody felt so good it was decided to go and do his. Another 1000 acres. I went back to my career (not in agriculture, unfortunately) and achieved a modicum of success, kudos and recognition, but that one day over 40 years ago is still one of the best memories of my life.

                                          • Blake Stankiewicz
                                            Blake Stankiewicz  4 weeks back

                                            Rest in peace

                                          • Jace Marks
                                            Jace Marks  4 weeks back

                                            Your neighbor seems nice to help you out and I hope your grandpa feels better Zach and you did a good thing to help your neighbor out for their soybean harvest

                                            • Mads_sej
                                              Mads_sej  4 weeks back

                                              we till all of our fields twice, 5 cm deep and 25 cm deep i love cultivating

                                              • Bryon Lako
                                                Bryon Lako  4 weeks back

                                                Why do they till every other pass?

                                                • Josh Waller
                                                  Josh Waller  4 weeks back

                                                  It's makes turns easier. You come back in and fill it later.

                                              • riley hickey
                                                riley hickey  4 weeks back

                                                thanks man

                                                • Shiloh Store
                                                  Shiloh Store  1 months back

                                                  I don't know why I got to keep going back and liking this video I know I liked and commented on it and it just disappeared

                                                  • Jason Hudspeth
                                                    Jason Hudspeth  1 months back

                                                    Yeah man I love climbing grain bins

                                                    • monkfoobar
                                                      monkfoobar  1 months back

                                                      Drone footage of the neighbors harvest would’ve been awesome

                                                      • Colton Melka
                                                        Colton Melka  1 months back

                                                        When is the farming simulator map is going to be out

                                                        • TheLisaf10
                                                          TheLisaf10  1 months back

                                                          My cousin passed away suddenly in a horrible freak sprayer accident in 2017 . All the neighbours helped out to get the wheat off then the beans in the fall . It was unbelievable the amount of love and support we had . Very emotional. Farmers are the best . Thank you for helping out the family.

                                                          • Spencer Neugebauer
                                                            Spencer Neugebauer  1 months back

                                                            We have been practicing no-till for 20+ years at our farm in eastern SD and have seen the fertility and soil health increase drastically with yields for corn and soybeans. Wet planting conditions in the spring time have recently been an issue with Mother Nature though. Soil compositions definitely plays a role for in what to till and what not to till.

                                                            • Ratdog 305
                                                              Ratdog 305  1 months back

                                                              Tillage is still done by a good portion of farmers in Ohio. It is a proven method for preparing the ground

                                                              • Erika Bowser
                                                                Erika Bowser  1 months back

                                                                Tillage sucks been out of it for 20 years. Waste of time and money and just putting hours that don't need to be on your tractor.

                                                                • stephen ziemianski
                                                                  stephen ziemianski  1 months back

                                                                  I Respect the essentials

                                                                  • K R
                                                                    K R  1 months back

                                                                    we need tog et to a point in this country where we all come together and look out for each other again and lose the political tribalism on a whole, country-wide.

                                                                    • Steve O
                                                                      Steve O  1 months back

                                                                      how do I like this more than once? Cool to watch the community come together. Thanks for the video

                                                                      • Tommy Hayworth
                                                                        Tommy Hayworth  1 months back

                                                                        U have to do what u need to do to make it work 4 u in the spring. I enjoy ur channel very much .Very informative.

                                                                        • Jannie Smit
                                                                          Jannie Smit  1 months back

                                                                          Here in South Africa few guy's use no-till planters but most of usalso feal its a have to more than a want to.I myself don't think your doing any harm because you are putting a lot back into the soil. Nice job on helping your neighbors. How many South Africans is working on your farm yearly? I'm heading to Kansas maybe next year.

                                                                          • Stevie Barner
                                                                            Stevie Barner  1 months back

                                                                            I got woozy when you showed the view from the top. Ugh

                                                                            • Guillermo BuenoHernandez
                                                                              Guillermo BuenoHernandez  1 months back

                                                                              You may need new disk, for your old programs.

                                                                              • Chris Harris
                                                                                Chris Harris  1 months back

                                                                                My favorite video yet! And I’ve watched them all. A ton of a respect to you man!
                                                                                -from a good ol’ boy from KY.

                                                                                • David Ward
                                                                                  David Ward  1 months back

                                                                                  I lake it

                                                                                  • Kevin Burgess
                                                                                    Kevin Burgess  1 months back

                                                                                    This is so cool! It gives me hope for humanity knowing there are still good people out there, like those in your community.

                                                                                    • CARRERA4LIFE
                                                                                      CARRERA4LIFE  1 months back

                                                                                      I love Walker farms but I'm more a green fan

                                                                                      • Aravind .R
                                                                                        Aravind .R  1 months back

                                                                                        Hai from a Indian farmer

                                                                                        • Ken G
                                                                                          Ken G  1 months back

                                                                                          When I was a kid my Dad got his hand caught in a new idea mounted ear corn picker. We had 40 neighbors come over to help get our corn out in one day, ear corn and shell corn. It was really a sight to come home from school and see all the tractors, wagons and corn pickers. For every farmer there was his wife to help my mom feed everyone. I was really glad to come from a community like that.