i don't want to watch the world end with someone else

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i dont want to watch the world end with someone else

update - i dont want to watch the world end with the person i wrote this song about anymore xx

lyrics -

empty streets now
where we used to love our hearts out
now I’m dancing all alone
scared to go out on my own

this calming feeling
faded into anxious breathing
in the places we were happy once
stuck inside but never home

if I lose it all in the blink of an eye
like a fire burning out in the night
and my heart stops beating
but something’s screaming

i wish we didn’t say goodbye 
we’re just standing still
and I don’t really know
what tomorrow holds
but ive finally realized
if this is our last goodbye until we’re gone
who cares about the wrongs we caused ourselves
cause I don’t wanna watch the world end with someone else

falling deeper
deeper into hopeless thinking
remember when you’d pull me out
wishing you would come around

cuz when the room goes quiet
im hit with my regret a riot
reminds me what i really want
but have i waited for too long

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love u heaps x
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